Forest Coffee and Gourmet Delights from Mallorca

Valuing traditional wisdom and natural resources of Forests and Mountains of the World

Madre Sierra Products

Environmentally conscious!

Fleur Madre Sierra Products Mermelada

Welcome to Madre Sierra Products! We are a small-scale company devoted to food enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
Join us in exploring our sustainable initiative and the fascinating story behind our specialty coffee from Mallorca.
Discover our exquisite forest-grown natural coffee and explore a wide range of gourmet delights and healthy superfoods sains in our shop.

What do our products and their raw materials have in common?

Plantación de Café ancestral en Bosque

All our products originate from primary forests, edible forests, and arboreal gardens

Mujeres amantes del Café

Straight-from-the-producer commercial and honest deals, respectful with the environment.

Productos granel

Raw materials processed with love, artisan craftwomanship, and gourmet quality


Luis Rizo
Luis Rizo
El mejor café de Mallorca!
Ruth Statt
Ruth Statt
We purchased some of this coffee on holiday in Majorca and it’s the nicest coffee we have had, after trying to find a similar taste back in the UK nothing compared so we now get it shipped over, customer service is exceptional also.
Ich habe die Produkte auf dem Markt in Peguera entdeckt. Sehr interessante Produkte, tolle Betreiberin und absolut leckerer Kaffee. Ich werde mir mal den Onlineshop ansehen und sicher das ein oder andere Produkt bestellen. Es lohnt sich. Vielen Dank für deine Freundlichkeit!
Charly Taylor
Charly Taylor
Café de verdad, del que cuando pruebas no quieres volver al de antes. Autenticidad y transparencia en el proceso y la procedencia. 100% recomendable!
joan jover balaguer
joan jover balaguer
Un cafe único y distinto. Suave, con perfumes silvestres, que te llena de energía. Muy recomendable

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