Madre Sierra Products was born from Fleur's strong idealism and determination, as well as her close collaboration with friends and well-known forest producers from various parts of the world.

Passionate and convinced by traditional forest garden systems, analogue forestry, and edible forests, she drew inspiration from these encounters to build a small entrepreneur business. Her goal: to connect from Mallorca, where she lives, with well-known people involved in agroforestry practices, drawing on her background in anthropology and agronomy, and her passion for food craftswomanship. Among other agroforestry products from different horizons, her ambition rises with the desire to value forest coffee, originally from Serra Madre in Jalisco, Mexico, where she spent two years working.

Thus, in May 2019, an adventure filled with surprises and learning began, leading to today's diverse offering of sustainable and conscious gourmet products!

Naturaleza Mallorca café Madre Sierra


Café Biológico Madre Sierra

In addition to an unconditional love and respect for nature, this project embodies a philosophy focused on human-scale dimensions. It prioritizes respectful and direct commercial interactions whenever possible, and acknowledges the traditional knowledge shared by artisans encountered along the way. These elements are at the core of this venture's DNA.

Multidimensional in scope, this small company is dedicated to harvesting agricultural and arboreal forest resources, sourcing directly from local and international producers, artisanal transformation of these resources into gourmet products, and their subsequent marketing.

As advocated by these agroforestry systems and traditional gardens, the project places emphasis on the importance of diversifying income sources and utilizing natural agricultural resources for sustainability.


Madre Sierra Products, along with its founder and associated producers in Spain and partners, manage cultivation systems for fruit trees and aromatic plants in forests. You can find out more about these diverse forest gardens or edible forests through articles in the blog section, showcasing ancestral, innovative, and sustainable cultivation systems.

There are many environmental, social, and economic benefits derived from these agroforestry systems:

Forest cover maintenance
Increased biodiversity, fostering diverse habitats for wildlife and flora
Atmospheric carbon capture
Soil water retention
Crop and plant associations: Unlike monoculture practices under direct sunlight, integrating trees into agricultural production systems enables harnessing the benefits from a wide variety of plants, creating a natural support network to improve their growth and production.
There'll be more info coming up soon in our blog!

Café Biológico Madre Sierra

Our Partners

Mujeres Rurales

Madre Sierra Products enjoys direct contact with coffee producers in Mexico and with some producers from the Serra de Tramuntana, from whom seasonal fruits or extra virgin olive oil are sourced. These relationships are characterized by successful collaboration and rich learning experiences, with a focus on supporting female entrepreneurship whenever possible.

The company also closely collaborates with other like-minded enterprises whose philosophies align seamlessly with their vision. For instance, Chasseurs de Saveurs, S.A de C.V, a Mexican company promoting gourmet spices grown in edible forest systems by a network of over 500 producers across various states in Mexico. We also partner with Guayapi Tropical, a French brand dedicated to the restoration of forest ecosystems (analogue forest gardens), preserving traditional knowledge, and marketing superfoods sourced from plants native to the Amazon and Sri Lanka for the past 30 years.

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